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Enabling partners seamless entry into the US sports wagering market

Sportsbook As a Solution

BlueBet provides our partners with a full turn key Sportsbook as a Solution allowing them to leverage our decades of experience in running profitable sportsbooks and building top tier technology to compete against the all comers. Our technology is battled tested both internationally and in the US, giving our partners the confidence that their bespoke and dynamic platform will provide them with a competitive edge.

Our team, based in Denver, Colorado, provides our partners with an experienced trading team as well as experts in players services, KYC, Fraud, Payments and product. This local team can handle all elements of sportsbook management, allowing our partners to focus on the core business. Our technology includes a state of the art betting platform with front end fully responsive website as well as iOS and Android apps.

Back End Operations

Web based tools for B2B partners

Front End Operations

Player experience & Wagering interface


Player Onboarding & Account verification

Payment Methods, Deposit & Withdrawals

Fraud Protection

Responsible Wagering

Trading (Pricing, Book and Player

Compliance & Regulatory Requirements

Dating Warehousing & Reporting

Dedication Partner Roadmap

Branded Web, iOS and Android Apps

Working together for success

Customisable to meet partner-specific needs

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